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James Atkinson

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Partner Date of Birth Children
Ann Ellen Atkinson

Kinship Report

Name Type Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
Ann Partner or wife
Ellen Atkinson Daughter Bolton by Bowland Yorks 1848 1929
Joseph Walter Till Grandson Lancaster Lancs Sept 1883 Blackburn Lancs 1914
William Till Grandson Lancaster Sept 1879
James Smethurst Till Grandson Slaidburn 1870 Darwen 1947
Elizabeth ( Betty) Till Granddaughter Lancaster March 1878
Ellen (Nellie) Till Granddaughter Darwen March 1886
Frederick Wallace Till Grandson Darwen Lancs March 1888
Catherine Till Granddaughter June 1889 1972
John Rushton Till Grandson Lancaster 19.11.1896
Great grandchildren
Catherine (Kitty) Till Great granddaughter 27, Devon Rd Darwen Sept 1904 1982
Frederick Till Great grandson Bolton Lancs Sept 1924
Godfrey Morrison Great grandson
Ivor Morrison Great grandson Walthamstow London
John Thomas Till Great grandson 27, Devon St Lancaster Sept 1909 Blackburn Lancs Dec 1910
Ellen (Nellie Till Great granddaughter Bogburn 1897 Blackburn Lancs 1905
Winnifred Till Great granddaughter Bogburn Fm Over Darwen 1899 1919
Jessie Till Great granddaughter Lower Wethead Farm Darwen Dec 1902 Blackburn Lancs 1903
Wilfred Till Great grandson Darwen 1903
William Isaac Till Great grandson Devon St Darwen 18.1.1906 Blackpool Lancs 23.1.1996
Elizabeth Ellen Morrison Great grandson Darwen 1906
James Till Great grandson 27, Devon St Lancaster June 1907 Blackburn Lancs Sept 1907
Frederick Walter Till Great grandson 27,Devon St Lancaster June 1911 Lancashire 1966
Walter Joseph Waddicor Great grandson Blackburn Dec 1912
Thomas Waddicor Great grandson Blackburn March 1915
Second grandchildren
Ann Waddicor Second granddaughter Blackburn Sept 1941
Catherine Haworth
Kenneth Waddicor
Frederick Till
Irene Waddicor
David Till
Carol Waddicor
Third grandchildren
Maxine Anne Till
Nicola Jane Till
Philip George Frederick Bowden
Fourth grandchildren
Archie Peter Isaac Brown
Sons- & Daughters-In-Law
William Till Son-in-law Newton in Bowland Yorks 1847 Darwen Lancs 1942
John Taylor Holden Grandson-in-law
Sarah Walmesley Granddaughter-in-law
William Holden Waddicor Grandson-in-law
Sarah Ellen (Nellie) Brunt Granddaughter-in-law Flash Nr Buxton 1870 Darwen Lancs March 1938
Elizabeth Scambler Granddaughter-in-law Scorton 1876
Mary Lee Granddaughter-in-law Nelson Lancs 1879
John William Morrison Grandson-in-law Darwen 1884
Great grandchildren-in-law
Ada Entwistle Great granddaughter-in-law
Edith Williams Great granddaughter-in-law
Jenny Tattershall Great granddaughter-in-law
Henry Haworth Great grandson-in-law Bogburn 1899 1919
William Fleetwood Parkinson Great grandson-in-law Fylde Lancs June 1900 Fleetwood Lancs 1969
Mildred Hull Great granddaughter-in-law 27,Devon St Lancaster 1906 1999
Anne Wilde Great granddaughter-in-law 7.5.1915 Lancashire 1972
Second grandchildren-in-law
Susan Boggett
Third grandchildren-in-law
Peter Charles Alan Brown
Nicolas Clemow


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