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George Mason

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Partner Date of Birth Children
Hannah Mason (Mills) Elizabeth Mason

Kinship Report

Name Type Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
Hannah Mason (Mills) Partner or wife
Elizabeth Mason Daughter 20.4.1866
George Mason Kelsall Grandson 17.11.1890 11.01.1971
Joseph Kelsall Grandson 25.01.1894 07.08.1966
William Till Kelsall Grandson 18.03.1896 25.09.1975
Thomas Mills Kelsall Grandson 24.02.1898 04.04.1979
Emily Kelsall Granddaughter 12.09.1900 26.11.1991
Annie Kelsall Granddaughter 16.02.1903 26.02.1919
James Kelsall Grandson 15.07.1905 17.09.1989
Elizabeth Kelsall Granddaughter 25.09.1908 04.02.2004
Great grandchildren
Muriel Robinson Great granddaughter
Elizabeth G. Kelsall
Irene Kelsall
Michael P. Kelsall
Ellen Kelsall
Peter J. Kelsall
William H Kelsall
John R Kelsall
Guy M. Kelsall
Second grandchildren
Stephen France Second grandson
Sons- & Daughters-In-Law
William Kelsall Son-in-law Over Wyresdale 08.05.1864 20.08.1941
Ellen Remington Granddaughter-in-law
Elsie Priestman Granddaughter-in-law
J. Barker Robinson Grandson-in-law
Laurence Whitaker Grandson-in-law
Margaret Whitaker Granddaughter-in-law


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