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Henry Wilkinson

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Partner Date of Birth Children
Margaret Kelsall John Wilkinson
Margaret Wilkinson
Joseph Wilkinson

Kinship Report

Name Type Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
Margaret Kelsall Wife
John Wilkinson Son
Margaret Wilkinson Daughter
Joseph Wilkinson Son 1791 6.5.1877
Mary Corless Mother-in-law 1736 ?1743 04.03.1823 or 4.5.1822
John Kelsall Father-in-law Wyresdale/Abbystead 16.12.1739 Wyresdale/Abbystead 30.04.1822
Sons- & Daughters-In-Law
Margaret Parkinson Daughter-in-law
William Fox Son-in-law
Brothers- & Sisters-In-Law
Joseph Kelsall Brother-in-law Age 27yrs
Ruth Kelsall Sister-in-law 1766 7.1.1814
John Kelsall Brother-in-law 1770 7.1841
Thomas Kelsall Brother-in-law 1771 2.7.1834
Mary Kelsall Sister-in-law 1781 10.2.1869
Nephews & Nieces
Elizabeth Kelsall Niece-in-law
George Mason Nephew-in-law
Margaret Kelsall Niece-in-law
Mary Kelsall Niece-in-law
Richard Kelsall Nephew-in-law
Thomas Kelsall Nephew-in-law
William Kelsall Nephew-in-law
Joseph Kelsall Nephew-in-law 1795 12.6.1869
John Kelsall Nephew-in-law 1796
Christopher Kelsall Nephew-in-law 1799 1.11.1875
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Christopher Kelsall Grandnephew-in-law
Joseph Kelsall Grandnephew-in-law
Mary Kelsall Grandniece-in-law
Nancy Kelsall Grandniece-in-law
Robert Kelsall Grandnephew-in-law
Thomas Kelsall Grandnephew-in-law
William Kelsall Grandnephew-in-law
Richard Mason Grandnephew-in-law 27.11.1813
John Mason Grandnephew-in-law 10.11.1815 14.3.1847
Elizabeth Kelsall Grandniece-in-law 1823
John Kelsall Grandnephew-in-law 1825
Elizabeth Kelsall Grandniece-in-law 1829
Joseph B. Kelsall Grandfather-in-law Hart St London 09.07.1684 Routonbrook/Quernmore 29.04.1758
Margaret WINDER Grandmother-in-law 1700 26.6.1782
Great grandparents-in-law
Elizabeth Corless Great grandmother-in-law
William WINDER Great grandfather-in-law
John Kelsall Great grandfather-in-law ?? Kelsall Cheshire JULY 1650 Northgate gaol awaiting transportation to West Indies 5.10.1684
Elizabeth Cragg Great grandmother-in-law Wyresdale Lancaster 21.12.1660 London of a fever 28.09.1685 or 28.11.1685
Second great grandparents-in-law
Thomas Cragg Second great grandfather-in-law Chapel House Wyresdale 16.3.1631 Wyresdale/Abbystead 26.12.1667
Jennet Townson Second great grandmother-in-law Moorhead Wyresdale 18.3.1633 Wyresdale/Abbystead 22.8.1699
Jennet Townson Second great grandmother-in-law 1634 1699
Thomas Cragg Second great grandfather-in-law Lancaster 16.03.1637 21.12.1667
Third great grandparents-in-law
Isobel Townson Third great grandmother-in-law 1668
Henry Cragg Third great grandfather-in-law Lancaster 20.02.1603 27.03.1667
Henry Cragg Third great grandfather-in-law Lancaster 1603 1668
Anthony Townson Third great grandfather-in-law Warton 02.09.1634 1699
Fourth great grandparents-in-law
Isobel (Cragg) unknown Fourth great grandmother-in-law 1570 Wyresdale/Abbystead 1622
John Cragg Fourth great grandfather-in-law 1570 Wyresdale/Abbystead 1630
John Cragg Fourth great grandfather-in-law 23.09.1578 23.05.1623


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