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John Kelsall

Person Chart


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
John Kelsall JULY 1650 Hannah Leftwith

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 1681

Kinship Report

Name Type Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
Brothers & Sisters
John Kelsall Half-brother London 18.9.1683 Chester Cheshire 1743
Joseph B. Kelsall Half-brother Hart St London 09.07.1684 Routonbrook/Quernmore 29.04.1758
Hannah Leftwith Mother Staploe-Cheshire
John Kelsall Father ?? Kelsall Cheshire JULY 1650 Northgate gaol awaiting transportation to West Indies 5.10.1684
Brothers- & Sisters-In-Law
Susanna Davies Sister-in-law Coedcourid N. Wales 14.10.1688 Liverpool Lancs 1767
Margaret WINDER Sister-in-law 1700 26.6.1782
Nephews & Nieces
Amos Kelsall Nephew
Benjamin Kelsall Nephew
Elizabeth Kelsall Niece
John Kelsall Nephew
Mary Kelsall Niece
Samuel Kelsall Nephew
Sarah Kelsall Niece
Susannah Kelsall Niece
Thomas Kelsall Nephew
Timothy Kelsall Nephew
Elizabeth Kelsall Niece Wyresdale/Abbystead 07.07.1726 19.02.1816
Ann(e) ( OR Agnes ) Kelsall Niece Wyresdale/Abbystead 07.07.1728 24.02.1810
Jennet Kelsall Nephew Wyresdale/Abbystead 07.05.1730 06.12.1735
Margaret Kelsall Niece Wyresdale/Abbystead 03.08.1732 1816
Joseph Kelsall Nephew Wyresdale/Abbystead 16.09.1734 Wyresdale/Abbystead 19.04.1806
William Kelsall Nephew Wyresdale/Abbystead 23.05.1737 Tarnbrook Wyresdale 01.07.1819
John Kelsall Nephew Wyresdale/Abbystead 16.12.1739 Wyresdale/Abbystead 30.04.1822
Thomas Kelsall Nephew Wyresdale/Abbystead 27.11.1744 10.11.1815
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Elizabeth Kelsall Grandniece
John Morrison Grandnephew
Joseph Kelsall Grandnephew 1823
Joseph Kelsall Grandnephew Age 27yrs
Margaret Kelsall Grandniece
William Kelsall Grandnephew
Joseph Kelsall Grandnephew 16.9.1734
Jane Jackson Grandniece Lancaster 07.08.1758 Wyresdale/Abbystead 9.1.1838
Ruth Kelsall Grandniece 1766 7.1.1814
Thomas Kelsall Grandnephew 1766 17.09.1855
Mary Jackson Grandniece 1768 Cald Bridge Garstang 02.02.1858
Ann Kelsall Grandniece 1769 26.9.1842
John Kelsall Grandnephew 1770 7.1841
Margaret Kelsall Grandniece 1771
Thomas Kelsall Grandnephew 1771 2.7.1834
William Kelsall Grandnephew 1771 19.11.1844
Jane ?? known as Jennet Kelsall Grandniece 1776
Dorothy Kelsall Grandniece 1778 15.1.1861
Joseph Kelsall Grandnephew 28.09.1778 31.03.1802
Mary Kelsall Grandniece 1781 10.2.1869
Joshua Kelsall Grandnephew 27.07.1781 25.09.1854
Thomas Kelsall Grandnephew 1785 13.4.1869
Alice Kelsall Grandniece 1788 22.2.1861
Dorothy Kelsall Grandniece 27.10.1789 11.04.1858
Great grandnephews & Great grandnieces
Ann Rushton Great grandniece
Ann(e) Brewer Great grandniece Over Wyresdale 20.04.1795--also recorded as 1791 or 14.5.1795 Lancashire 18.07.1860
Elizabeth Kelsall Great grandniece
Elizabeth Kelsall Great grandniece
George Mason Great grandnephew
James Atkinson Great grandnephew
Jane Dilworth Great grandniece
John Cragg Great grandnephew
John Kelsall Great grandnephew
John Kelsall Great grandnephew
John Wilkinson Great grandnephew
Joseph Atkinson Great grandnephew
Joseph Kelsall Great grandnephew
Joseph Kelsall Great grandnephew
Joshua Kelsall Great grandnephew
Margaret Kelsall Great grandniece
Margaret Kelsall Great grandniece
Margaret Kelsall Great grandniece
Margaret Wilkinson Great grandniece
Mary Kelsall Great grandniece
Mary Kelsall Great grandniece
Mary Kelsall Great grandniece
Mary Kelsall Great grandniece
Richard Kelsall Great grandnephew
Thomas Kelsall Great grandnephew
Thomas Kelsall Great grandnephew
Thomas Pye Great grandnephew
William Cragg Great grandnephew
William Dilworth Great grandnephew
William Kelsall Great grandnephew
William Kelsall Great grandnephew
William Kelsall Great grandnephew
Betty Brewer Great grandniece Wyresdale Lancs 1784
John Jackson Dilworth Great grandnephew 01.01.1786 31.12.1870
Joseph Wilkinson Great grandnephew 1791 6.5.1877
Joseph Kelsall Great grandnephew 1795 12.6.1869
John Kelsall Great grandnephew 1796
Christopher Kelsall Great grandnephew 1799 1.11.1875
John Brewer Great grandnephew Wyresdale Lancs 1799
Thomas Kelsall Great grandnephew 1804 4.4.1869
Ellen Kelsall Great grandniece 10.05.1817
Elizabeth Kelsall Great grandniece 21.12.1818
Joseph Kelsall Great grandnephew 27.07.1820 25.06.1897
Joshua Kelsall Great grandnephew 14.08.1822 26.06.1897
Abraham Kelsall Great grandnephew 10.05.1826 1894?
Second grandnephews & Second grandnieces
Betty Brewer Second grandniece
Charles Kelsall Second grandnephew
Christopher Kelsall Second grandnephew
David Dilworth Second grandnephew 27.10.1902
Elizabeth Ellen Kelsall Second grandniece
George Kelsall Second grandnephew
Isabella Brewer Second grandniece
Jane Brewer Second grandniece
John Brewer Second grandnephew
Joseph John Kelsall Second grandnephew
Joseph Kelsall Second grandnephew
Joshua Kelsall Second grandnephew
Mary Brewer Second grandniece
Mary Dilworth Second grandniece
Mary Kelsall Second grandniece
Nancy Kelsall Second grandniece
Richard Brewer Second grandnephew
Robert Kelsall Second grandnephew
Thomas Kelsall Second grandnephew
William Kelsall Second grandnephew
William Kelsall Second grandnephew
Richard Mason Second grandnephew 27.11.1813
John Mason Second grandnephew 10.11.1815 14.3.1847
Jane Till Second grandniece Quernmore 09.11.1816 21.4.1887
John Till Second grandnephew Wyresdale Lancs 02.04.1818 Garstang Lancs 21.06.1886
Thomas Brewer Second grandnephew 1819
Elizabeth (Betty) Till Second grandniece Wyresdale Lancs 24.03.1820 17.10.1893
Joseph Thornton Second grandnephew 1821 15.10.1893
William Till Second grandnephew Throstle Nest, Wyresdale Lancs 12.07.1821 Ulverston 09 1896
Thomas Till Second grandnephew Over Wyresdale 25.02.1823 11.7.1907
Elizabeth Kelsall Second grandniece 1823
William Dilworth Second grandnephew 1823
James Till Second grandnephew 23.04.1824 29.05.1824
James Till Second grandnephew Over Wyresdale Farm 8.04.1825 Caton Ash House Farm 26.04.1913
John Kelsall Second grandnephew 1825
Daniel Snr Till Second grandnephew Over Wyresdale 17.2.1827 Keswick 4.1.1892
Mary Ann Till Second grandniece Over Wyresdale Lancs 19.09.1828
Elizabeth Kelsall Second grandniece 1829
Sarah Till Second grandniece Over Wyresdale 29.04.1830 Lancaster 04.12.1895
Ann Till Second grandniece 03.04.1832 Chorley Lancs 11.01.1926
Ellen Kelsall Second grandniece 11.12.1832 2.5.1833
William Kelsall Second grandnephew 10.4.1834
28.9.34 Till Second grandniece 28.09.1834
Edward Kelsall Second grandnephew 12.4.1835
Thomas Kelsall Second grandnephew 22.7.1837 1913
Mary Kelsall Second grandniece 3.11.1838
Ellen Kelsall Second grandniece 3.6.1840 1854
Joseph Kelsall Second grandnephew 28.7.1842
James Kelsall Second grandnephew 14.9.1846
Third grandnephews & Third grandnieces
Edward Mason Third grandnephew 2.9.1878
Ellen Thornton Third grandniece
George Mason Third grandnephew
George Mason Third grandnephew
Gladys Till Third grandniece
James Kelsall Third grandnephew
Margaret Till Third grandniece Newton Yorks Sept 1871
Mary Ann Huntington Third grandniece Wyresdale Lancs Sept 1840 Lancaster March 1932
Mary Thornton Third grandniece
Mary Thornton Third grandniece
Thomas Mason Third grandnephew
Thomas Thornton Third grandnephew
William Kelsall Third grandnephew
William Huntington Third grandnephew Wyresdale Lancs June 1842 Brookholme Farm 9.5.1911
William Till Third grandnephew Newton in Bowland Yorks 1847 Darwen Lancs 1942
Anne Till Third grandniece Ellel Lancs 1849
Sarah Jane Till Third grandniece Ellel 1850
William Till Third grandnephew Wyresdale Lancs 1850
John Rushton Till Third grandnephew Wyresdale/Abbystead 1852 Lancaster June 1925
John Till Third grandnephew Nateby Lancs 1852
Edward Till Third grandnephew Nateby Lancs 1853
Ellen Mason Third grandniece Wyresdale/Abbystead 1853
Ann Gornall Third grandniece Over Wyresdale 1854
Ann Mason Third grandniece Wyresdale/Abbystead 1854
ELIZABETH Till Third grandniece Wyresdale/Abbystead 1854 Lancaster March 1940
Elizabeth Till Third grandniece Nateby Lancs 1854
Joseph Till Third grandnephew Nateby Lancs 1855 Nateby Lancs 1856
Sarah Anne known as Annie Till Third grandniece Wyresdale/Abbystead 1856
WILLIAM Till Third grandnephew Wyesdale 1856
Elizabeth Till Third grandniece Wyresdale/Abbystead 1857
Sarah Till Third grandniece Nateby Lancs 1857
Sarah Till Third grandniece Scotforth 6.11.1858
Annie Till Third grandniece Scotforth 1859 1948
Margaret Mason Third grandniece Wyresdale/Abbystead 1859
Thomas Till Third grandnephew Newton in Bowland Yorks 1859 Lancaster 21.05.1942
William Gornall Third grandnephew Wyresdale/Abbystead 1859
Alice Till Third grandniece Caton Lancs 1860 Lanacster 03.1940
DANIEL Jnr Till Third grandnephew Wyresdale/Abbystead 1860
Henry Till Third grandnephew Nateby Lancs 1860
Mary Kelsall Third grandniece 26.07.1860 Ellel 1869
William Till Third grandnephew Lower Emmetts-Over Wyresdale 11.11.1860 Caton 29.12.1936
Richard Gornall Third grandnephew Over Wyresdale/Abbystead, Tarnbrook 1861
Annie Till Third grandniece Nateby Lancs 1862 26.4.1903
Joshua Kelsall Third grandnephew Over Wyresdale 1862 12.08. 1918
Mary Till Third grandniece Newton in Bowland 1862
William Till Third grandnephew Hest Bank Lancs 1862
Ann Gornall Third grandniece Wyresdale/Abbystead 1863
Mary Jane Till Third grandniece Caton Lancs 1863 Lunesdale March 1881
Thomas Kelsall Third grandnephew 1863
William Kelsall Third grandnephew Over Wyresdale 08.05.1864 20.08.1941
Ellen Till Third grandniece Clitheroe Newton Yorks 1864
John Thomas Gornall Third grandnephew Wyresdale/Abbystead 1864
Margaret Till Third grandniece Nateby Lancs 1864
Ann Till Third grandniece Caton Lancs 1865 1903 ?
Joseph Till Third grandnephew Caton 1865
Mary Jane Till Third grandniece Nateby Lancs 1865
Thomas Kelsall Third grandnephew 1865
George Kelsall Third grandnephew Over Wyresdale 1866 22.05.1913 or 1931
Mary Gornall Third grandniece Wyresdale/Abbystead 1866
James Till Third grandnephew Slaidburn Lancs 1867
John Kelsall Third grandnephew 1867
Charles Kelsall Third grandnephew Over Wyresdale 1868
Edward Till Third grandnephew Hest Bank Lancs 1868 Warton Nr Lancaster 1871
David Gornall Third grandnephew Wyresdale/Abbystead 1.12.1868 Perth, Australia 26.6.45
Mary Jane Kelsall Third grandniece Over Wyresdale 1870 1872
Sarah Matilda Till Third grandniece Ulverston Lancs 1870 Ulverston Lancs 1885
Sarah Till Third grandniece Hest Bank Lancs 1870 Hest Bank Lancs Dec 1871
Margaret Till Third grandniece 1872
Joseph John Kelsall Third grandnephew Over Wyresdale 1873 07.06.1934
Elizabeth Ellen Kelsall Third grandniece Over Wyresdale 1876
Margaret Elizabeth Till Third grandniece Hest Bank Lancs 1876
William Kelsall Third grandnephew 1876
Martha Kelsall Third grandniece 1881
Richard Kelsall Third grandnephew 1882
Rachel Kelsall Third grandniece 1884 1884
Fourth grandnephews & Fourth grandnieces
Doris Kate Till Fourth grandniece Grange-over-Sands Sept 1895
Dorothy Till Fourth grandniece
Douglas James Till Fourth grandnephew Richmond Surrey Sept 1906
Geoffrey Till Fourth grandnephew
Gladys Till Fourth grandniece
James Till Fourth grandnephew
Joseph Walter Till Fourth grandnephew Lancaster Lancs Sept 1883 Blackburn Lancs 1914
Margery Till Fourth grandniece
Vera Till Fourth grandniece
William Till Fourth grandnephew Lancaster Sept 1879
Winifred Mary Till Fourth grandniece Grange-over-Sands Sept 1895 1947
John H Hudson Fourth grandnephew Lancaster 1863
Margaret Hudson Fourth grandniece Bolton-le-Sands 1867
James Smethurst Till Fourth grandnephew Slaidburn 1870 Darwen 1947
Mildred Till Fourth grandniece Keswick 1877 19.12.1940
Elizabeth ( Betty) Till Fourth grandniece Lancaster March 1878
John Walter Till Fourth grandnephew Keswick 2.7.1878 Orange New Jersey 5.3.1943
Esther Gertrude Till Fourth grandniece Keswick 1880
Charles Till Fourth grandnephew Lancaster 1881
Alice Ann Speak Fourth grandnephew Accrington 1882
Mabel Elizabeth Till Fourth grandniece New Jersey USA 18.10.1882
Ada Till Fourth grandniece Lancaster Lancs 01.02.1883 Phoenix Arizona, Arizona 31.10.1967
Clara Till Fourth grandniece Lancaster 1883 Lancaster 1884
Bertha Speak Fourth grandniece Accrington 1884
Albert Till Fourth grandnephew Galgate 1885 Arras France WW1 21.3.1918
Thomas (Jnr) Till Fourth grandnephew Lancaster 1885 Lancaster 1963
William Derwent Till Fourth grandnephew New Jersey USA 5.1.1886
Ellen (Nellie) Till Fourth grandniece Darwen March 1886
Ellel Margaret Gornall Fourth grandnephew Preston Lancs 1886
Ellen Speak Fourth grandnephew Accrington 1886
Annie Till Fourth grandniece 7.2.1887 13.4.1976
Frederick Wallace Till Fourth grandnephew Darwen Lancs March 1888
Catherine Till Fourth grandniece June 1889 1972
Mary Maud Pearson Fourth grandniece Lancaster 1889
Edith Till Fourth grandniece Lancaster 1890 1970
Mary Jane Wood Fourth grandniece 6.7.1890 8.2.1977
Daniel Clayton Till Fourth grandnephew Lancaster 16.8.1890 12.6.1976
George Mason Kelsall Fourth grandnephew 17.11.1890 11.01.1971
Ethel Speak Fourth grandnephew Accrington 1891
Greta Till Fourth grandniece 1891
Thomas Townley Kelsall Fourth grandnephew 1891 1969
Annie Isabel Wood Fourth grandniece 17.8.1891
Bessie Till Fourth grandniece Lancaster 1892 1931
Sidney Till Fourth grandnephew Lancaster 1892 Lancaster 1893
Dora Wood Fourth grandniece 16.3.1893 19.4.1979
John Speak Fourth grandnephew Castleton Lancs 1893
Joseph Kelsall Fourth grandnephew 25.01.1894 07.08.1966
Ethel Mary Balshaw Fourth grandniece Lancaster 1894 Lancaster 1897
Dora Till Fourth grandniece 8.8.1894 18.12.1976
Martha Annie Gornall Fourth grandnephew Kirkham 1895
Alan Lucas Gornall Fourth grandnephew Chorley Dec 1895
William Till Kelsall Fourth grandnephew 18.03.1896 25.09.1975
Elizabeth Speak Fourth grandnephew Castleton Lancs 1896
Emmeline Balshaw Fourth grandniece Lancaster 1896 Lancaster June 1942
Reta Till Fourth grandniece Lancaster 1896 Lancaster 1896
William Arthur Gornall Fourth grandnephew 5.8.1896
John Rushton Till Fourth grandnephew Lancaster 19.11.1896
Edith Margaret Gornall Fourth grandnephew Kirkham Dec 1897
John Alexander Gornall Fourth grandnephew 14.1.1898
Thomas Mills Kelsall Fourth grandnephew 24.02.1898 04.04.1979
Cedric Thomas Gornall Fourth grandnephew Kirkham June 1899
Eva Alice Till Fourth grandnephew Lancaster 1899 Lancaster 1963
Geoffrey Joseph T Till Fourth grandnephew Putney Surrey 1899
William Plummer Till Fourth grandnephew Grange over Sands 1900
Emily Kelsall Fourth grandniece 12.09.1900 26.11.1991
Clara Kathleen Gornall Fourth grandniece Kirkham 23.10.1900 Drowned on visit to Perth Australia, Mt Hawthorn 19.5.1916
Percy Douglas Till Fourth grandnephew Putney March 1901 Wandsworth Surrey sept 1901
Amy Balshaw Fourth grandnephew Bamber Bridge Lancs 1902
Francis Edward Till Fourth grandnephew Lancaster 1902 1973
Hilda Gertrude Gornall Fourth grandniece 10.1.1903
Annie Kelsall Fourth grandniece 16.02.1903 26.02.1919
Dorothy Gertrude Till Fourth grandniece Wandsworth Surrey 1903
Harold Balshaw Fourth grandnephew Lancaster 1903 Lancaster 1904
Marion Lindsey Gornall Fourth grandniece 10.6.1905
Bessie Till Fourth grandniece Lancaster 1905 2005
Evelyn Margaret Lamb Fourth grandniece Blackheath London 1905 1996
Marjorie Beatrice Till Fourth grandnephew Richmond Surrey June 1905
James Kelsall Fourth grandnephew 15.07.1905 17.09.1989
Kathleen Lamb Fourth grandniece Blackheath London 1906 1988
Gladys Sarah Till Fourth grandniece Dec 1906
Vera Annie Till Fourth grandniece Richmond Surrey Dec 1906
Elsie Margaret Gornall Fourth grandniece 12.1.1907
Thomas Norman Till Fourth grandnephew 02.01.1908
Elizabeth Kelsall Fourth grandniece 25.09.1908 04.02.2004
William Arthur Till Fourth grandnephew Foreacre Farm, TathamWray-Lancs 22.08.1909 New Park, Trentham, Stoke-on-Trent 16.02.2002
Doris Till Fourth grandniece Lancaster 1910 Lancaster 1910
Barbara Till Fourth grandniece 10.10.1912 Garstang Lancaster 27.12.2010
James Till Fourth grandnephew 20.07.1914 2008
Dorothy Till
Walter Till Fourth grandnephew 01.10.1920 22.10.1922
Fifth grandnephews & Fifth grandnieces
Alva Gornall Fifth grandnephew
Catherine (Kitty) Till Fifth grandniece 27, Devon Rd Darwen Sept 1904 1982
Catherine Till Fifth grandniece
Dr Angela Rosemary Till Fifth grandniece
Edward Brian Bell Fifth grandnephew Lancaster Sept 1917 1950
Frederick Till Fifth grandnephew Bolton Lancs Sept 1924
Gillian Annette Boyson Fifth grandniece
Godfrey Morrison Fifth grandnephew
Graham Till Fifth grandnephew
Ivor Morrison Fifth grandnephew Walthamstow London
Jay Till Cox Fifth grandnephew
Jenny Boyson Fifth grandniece
John Thomas Till Fifth grandnephew 27, Devon St Lancaster Sept 1909 Blackburn Lancs Dec 1910
Margaret Painter Fifth grandniece
Marjorie Till Fifth grandniece
Muriel Robinson Fifth grandniece
William Moore Fifth grandnephew
William Ruthven --------Bill Fifth grandnephew
Judith Till Fifth grandniece 29.4.43
Ellen (Nellie Till Fifth grandniece Bogburn 1897 Blackburn Lancs 1905
Winnifred Till Fifth grandniece Bogburn Fm Over Darwen 1899 1919
Jessie Till Fifth grandniece Lower Wethead Farm Darwen Dec 1902 Blackburn Lancs 1903
Wilfred Till Fifth grandnephew Darwen 1903
William Isaac Till Fifth grandnephew Devon St Darwen 18.1.1906 Blackpool Lancs 23.1.1996
Elizabeth Ellen Morrison Fifth grandnephew Darwen 1906
Harriet Ann Till Fifth grandniece Lancaster 1907
James Till Fifth grandnephew 27, Devon St Lancaster June 1907 Blackburn Lancs Sept 1907
Frederick Walter Till Fifth grandnephew 27,Devon St Lancaster June 1911 Lancashire 1966
James Allan Stackhouse Fifth grandnephew 1912 1996
Walter Joseph Waddicor Fifth grandnephew Blackburn Dec 1912
Arthur Thomas Boyson Fifth grandnephew Edmonton Middlesex 9.2.1914 5.2.1966
Thomas Waddicor Fifth grandnephew Blackburn March 1915
Bessie Stackhouse Fifth grandniece 1915 2011
Dorothy Till Fifth grandniece Lancaster 1915
Helen (Betty) Elizabeth Tresnon Fifth grandniece Everett, Massachusetts 29.9.1915 15.12.2006
William Ewart Tresnon Fifth grandnephew 29.9.1915
Geoffrey Boyson Fifth grandnephew Edmonton Middlesex 15.12.1915 2010
Doris Houghton Stackhouse Fifth grandniece 1917 2006
John Stackhouse Fifth grandnephew 1919 1920
John Stackhouse Fifth grandnephew 1919 1920
Mary Stackhouse Fifth grandniece 1919 2008
Elizabeth G. Kelsall
John Leslie Bell
Doreen Middleton Fifth grandniece 27.1.1922 1998
Irene Kelsall
Roy Boyson
Joan Thompson
Bryan Richard Till
Michael P. Kelsall
Ellen Kelsall
Peter J. Kelsall
William H Kelsall
Dr Arthur Michael Till
John R Kelsall
Geoffrey Till
Terence Till
Guy M. Kelsall
6th grandnephews & 6th grandnieces
Andrew David Besecker 6th grandnephew
Ann Waddicor 6th Grandniece Blackburn Sept 1941
Anne Garner 6th grandnephew
Baldwin 6th Grandniece
Baldwin 6th Grandniece
Baldwin 6th Grandniece
Baldwin 6th Grandniece
Baldwin 6th grandnephew
Christine Garner 6th grandnephew
Dana Francis Besecker 6th Grandniece
Darren Till 6th grandnephew
Gillian Annette Boyson 6th Grandniece
Jo Patten 6th Grandniece
Karl Frederick Besecker 6th grandnephew
Liam Patten 6th grandnephew
Michael Till 6th grandnephew
Pamela Susan Besecker 6th Grandniece
Peter Bell 6th grandnephew
Rachael Holt 6th grandnephew
Robert Jnr D. Besecker 6th grandnephew
Simon Patton Boyson 6th Grandniece
Stephen France 6th grandnephew
Stuart Till 6th grandnephew
Catherine Haworth
Kenneth Waddicor
Grant Thomas Francis
Sharon Tresnon
Pamela Tresnon
Frederick Till
Stanley David Francis
Irene Waddicor
Tom Tresnon
Ray Baldwin
David Till
Carol Waddicor
Jan Ellen Francis
Rosalinde Hackl
Andrew Baldwin
Lauren Tresnon
Alison Jane Till
David Arthur Owen Davies
Alison Mary Till
Rachel Elizabeth Till
Christopher Eric Till
Michael Edward Davies
Andrea Jane Till
7th grandnephews & 7th grandnieces
Jo Patton 7th grandnephew
Karen Baldwin 7th Grandniece
Liam Patton 7th grandnephew
Mark Baldwin 7th grandnephew
Tessa Brook Francis 7th Grandniece
Amy Rebecca Davies 7th grandnephew 27.04.1901
Todd David Francis
Adam Francis
Aaron Francis
Brett Munroe Strong
Maxine Anne Till
Dylan Tresnon Strong
Kiiah Kimball
Nicola Jane Till
Evan Grant Francis
Warren Mathew Klein
Philip George Frederick Bowden
Lilian kathryn Klein
Ada Marie Tresnon
Connor Scott Till
Benjamin Evans
Rebecca Le Maitre
Holly Charlotte Davies
Natalie Beth Lacey
Samuel Evans
William Merle Tresnon
Dolores Fawcett-Till
Daisy Le Maitre
Jamie Evans
Patience Fawcett-Till
8th grandnephews & 8th grandnieces
Brook Francis
Morgan Francis
Kaaden Francis
Jonah Strong
Liliana Strong
Oscar Lopez
Archie Peter Isaac Brown
Simone Strong
Eddie Lopez


New Note lived 11days only


Date Age Event Category
25 Dec 1642 - 20 Mar 1726 (-38.5) - 44.7 Life of Isaac Newton Personalities
1682 1.0 German company lands at the Gold Coast Discoveries & Colonization
21 Mar 1685 - 28 Jul 1750 3.7 - 69.1 Life of Johann Sebastian Bach Personalities
24 May 1686 - 16 Sep 1736 4.9 - 55.2 Life of Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit Personalities
18 Jan 1689 - 10 Feb 1755 7.5 - 73.6 Life of Charles De Secondat, Baron de Montequieu Personalities
13 Feb 1689 7.6 Adoption of the Bill of Rights Great Britain
12 Jun 1690 8.9 Battle of the Boyne Great Britain
17 Jul 1695 14.0 Establishment of the Bank of Scotland Companies
17 Jan 1706 - 17 Apr 1790 24.5 - 108.8 Life of Benjamin Franklin Personalities
22 Feb 1732 - 14 Dec 1799 50.6 - 118.5 Life of George Washington Personalities
23 Dec 1732 - 5 Aug 1792 51.5 - 111.1 Life of Richard Arkwright Personalities
1737 56.0 Dissolution of the House of Medici Italy
28 Aug 1749 - 22 Mar 1832 68.2 - 150.8 Life of Johann Wolfgang Goethe Personalities
1 Nov 1755 74.3 Great Lisbon Earthquake Disasters
1756 - 1763 75.0 - 82.0 Seven Years' War Wars & Military Conflicts
10 Feb 1763 81.6 Treaty of 1763 ('Peace of Paris'), Spain cedes Florida to Britain. USA
15 Aug 1769 - 5 May 1821 88.1 - 139.9 Life of Napoléon Bonaparte Personalities
17 Dec 1770 - 26 Mar 1827 89.5 - 145.8 Life of Ludwig von Beethoven Personalities
16 Dec 1773 92.5 Boston Tea Party USA
20 Jan 1775 - 10 Jun 1836 93.6 - 155.0 Life of André Marie Ampère Personalities
4 Jul 1776 95.0 Declaration of Independence USA