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Ellen Remington

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Partner Date of Birth Children
William Till Kelsall 18.03.1896 Ellen Kelsall
William H Kelsall
John R Kelsall

Kinship Report

Name Type Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
William Till Kelsall Husband 18.03.1896 25.09.1975
Ellen Kelsall
William H Kelsall
John R Kelsall
William Kelsall Father-in-law Over Wyresdale 08.05.1864 20.08.1941
Elizabeth Mason Mother-in-law 20.4.1866
Brothers- & Sisters-In-Law
George Mason Kelsall Brother-in-law 17.11.1890 11.01.1971
Joseph Kelsall Brother-in-law 25.01.1894 07.08.1966
Thomas Mills Kelsall Brother-in-law 24.02.1898 04.04.1979
Emily Kelsall Sister-in-law 12.09.1900 26.11.1991
Annie Kelsall Sister-in-law 16.02.1903 26.02.1919
James Kelsall Brother-in-law 15.07.1905 17.09.1989
Elizabeth Kelsall Sister-in-law 25.09.1908 04.02.2004
Nephews & Nieces
Muriel Robinson Niece-in-law
Elizabeth G. Kelsall
Irene Kelsall
Michael P. Kelsall
Peter J. Kelsall
Guy M. Kelsall
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Stephen France Grandnephew-in-law
George Mason Grandfather-in-law
Hannah Mason (Mills) Grandmother-in-law
Joseph Kelsall Grandfather-in-law Over Wyresdale 27.07.1820 Lancaster 25.06.1897
Ann Till Grandmother-in-law 03.04.1832 Chorley Lancs 11.01.1926
Great grandparents-in-law
Ann(e) Brewer Great grandmother-in-law Over Wyresdale 20.04.1795--also recorded as 1791 or 14.5.1795 Lancashire 18.07.1860
William TILL Great grandfather-in-law Lower Wyresdale 28.09.1791 Dolphinholme Wyresdale 08.11.1860
Second great grandparents-in-law
Thomas Brewer Second great grandfather-in-law Wyresdale/Abbystead 1755 Quernmore 3.1.1835
Jane Jackson Second great grandmother-in-law Lancaster 07.08.1758 Wyresdale/Abbystead 9.1.1838
James Till Second great grandfather-in-law Cockerham 25.1.1761 17.6 1843
Elizabeth (Betty) Rushton Second great grandmother-in-law Over Wyresdale 1771 Over Wyresdale 24.2.1823
Third great grandparents-in-law
William Till Third great grandfather-in-law Colton Staffs 30.11.1706 Forton lancs 31.5.1802
John Jackson Third great grandfather-in-law 25.07.1712 23.12.1785
Mary Falkner Third great grandmother-in-law Forton 1725 Forton 14.9.1810
Ann(e) ( OR Agnes ) Kelsall Third great grandmother-in-law Wyresdale/Abbystead 07.07.1728 24.02.1810
Fourth great grandparents-in-law
Joseph B. Kelsall Fourth great grandfather-in-law Hart St London 09.07.1684 Routonbrook/Quernmore 29.04.1758
Margaret WINDER Fourth great grandmother-in-law 1700 26.6.1782
Fifth great grandparents-in-law
Elizabeth Corless Fifth great grandmother-in-law
William WINDER Fifth great grandfather-in-law
John Kelsall Fifth great grandfather-in-law ?? Kelsall Cheshire JULY 1650 Northgate gaol awaiting transportation to West Indies 5.10.1684
Elizabeth Cragg Fifth great grandmother-in-law Wyresdale Lancaster 21.12.1660 London of a fever 28.09.1685 or 28.11.1685
6th great grandparents-in-law
Thomas Cragg 6th great grandfather-in-law Chapel House Wyresdale 16.3.1631 Wyresdale/Abbystead 26.12.1667
Jennet Townson 6th great grandmother-in-law Moorhead Wyresdale 18.3.1633 Wyresdale/Abbystead 22.8.1699
Jennet Townson 6th great grandmother-in-law 1634 1699
Thomas Cragg 6th great grandfather-in-law Lancaster 16.03.1637 21.12.1667
7th great grandparents-in-law
Isobel Townson 7th great grandmother-in-law 1668
Henry Cragg 7th great grandfather-in-law Lancaster 20.02.1603 27.03.1667
Henry Cragg 7th great grandfather-in-law Lancaster 1603 1668
Anthony Townson 7th great grandfather-in-law Warton 02.09.1634 1699
8th great grandparents-in-law
Isobel (Cragg) unknown 8th great grandmother-in-law 1570 Wyresdale/Abbystead 1622
John Cragg 8th great grandfather-in-law 1570 Wyresdale/Abbystead 1630
John Cragg 8th great grandfather-in-law 23.09.1578 23.05.1623


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